Sedation Dentistryin Moses Lake, WA

Ask for sedation dentistry in Moses Lake to ease the anxiety of dental visits. The best dentists in Moses Lake can use sedation dentistry to help you relax and forget your visit to the dentist.

Dr. Briel Loiseau, Moses Lake cosmetic dentist, has extensive training and experience in sedation dentistry in Moses Lake. He understands your fears and anxieties and he can discuss with you your level of anxiety, and how to best to treat it. If you just want the pill without the explanation, we can do that too.

The process Dr. Briel Loiseau uses is called “conscious sedation.” You are awake and able to communicate with us while we take care of your dental needs. Dr. Briel Loiseau will give you a sedative pill to take about an hour prior to your dental procedure. You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Conscious sedation is used for extensive or just a little work. Whatever your needs are, you can relax and feel comfortable knowing that you won’t feel a thing during your treatment. Conscious sedation allows you to get all your work done in one visit, or as few visits as possible.

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