Root Canal Therapy in Moses Lake, WA

Root canals in Moses Lake are easy when Dr. Briel Loiseau can do the work right in his office.

Root canals refer to the nerve inside the tooth being removed. Many people have symptoms of a painful tooth with an infection before a root canal is diagnosed. Dentist in Moses Lake, Dr. Briel Loiseau has special equipment that can show where the infection is in the mouth and how best to treat an infected tooth. When the nerve of the tooth is removed the pain and infection disappear with the help of antibiotics. However, not all root canals hurt before they are diagnosed. Dr. Briel Loiseau uses the best resources to be able to see an infection before pain begins. Once the nerve of the tooth is removed the tooth may need extra support by placing a crown over the existing tooth. This will help to strengthen the natural tooth.

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