Mercury Free Fillings in Moses Lake, WA

Fillings Without the Drawbacks of Metal 

Fillings are dental grade materials used to fill cracks, holes, and other visible damage to teeth to reinforce them and prevent further trauma. Fillings have been part of dentistry since China 659 AD, traditionally in the form of metal. While metal fillings have been an instrumental part of dentistry methods for hundreds of years, they can also cause problems in the long run. 

Metal fillings are often eye-catching in the wrong ways, not just because metal tends to shine and doesn’t look like natural enamel, but also because they can stain your teeth. If you have metal fillings of differing compositions, they can generate an electric current when they interact, causing galvanic shock. 

Metal fillings also require more of your natural enamel to be removed to make room for them, destroying your tooth’s natural structure. Perhaps worst of all, metal fillings sometimes contain mercury, a toxic element that can be released as vapor in the mouth when pressure is exerted on the teeth. 

Fortunately, advancements in modern technology have allowed for the development of fillings that are free of metal and ergo, free of many of the problems metal fillings cause. These fillings are called mercury free fillings and they’re available here for patients at Legacy Dental from Dr. Loiseau. 

What Are Mercury Free Fillings?

Mercury free fillings, also called white fillings, tooth-colored fillings, or composite fillings, are fillings made of non-metal materials, usually a mix of quartz and resin. Like metal fillings, mercury free fillings are used to fix damaged teeth and prevent further damage. Unlike metal fillings, the benefits of these non-metallic alternatives have turned them into the preferred method of restoration after a cavity has set in. 

Benefits of Mercury Free Fillings

Natural Appearance

Your mercury free fillings will be custom crafted to match the appearance and shade of your natural teeth. 


Mercury free fillings won’t stain or darken your teeth over time. 


The lack of metal in these fillings means they contain zero mercury and no other harmful substances such as lead. This makes them non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

Insulated Against Electricity

The materials used in these non-metallic fillings, such as resin and quartz, are electrical insulators that don’t freely conduct electricity. This means you won’t experience an electrical current the way you might if you have metal fillings of differing compositions that interact. 

Temperature Resistance

Mercury free fillings won’t expand and contract when they come into contact with hold and cold. This means your tooth won’t be continuously pressed or pulled from the inside, helping to prevent sensitivity and further damage.

Preserves and Reinforces Enamel

These non-metal fillings require less of your natural tooth’s enamel be removed to make room for them. This helps preserve the structural integrity of your tooth, while also being just as durable. 

Hardens in Seconds

Dr. Loiseau will harden each layer of your mercury free fillings with a handheld blue light, so they set almost instantly.

The Mercury Free Filling Process


Before receiving your mercury free fillings, you’ll attend an initial consultation with Dr. Loiseau. During your consultation, Dr. Loiseau will determine if these particular fillings are right for you by thoroughly examining your mouth, reviewing your oral history, and asking you about your smile goals. At this point, he can also discuss available sedation dentistry options with you if you experience dental anxiety and need help relaxing during your procedure.


After you and Dr. Loiseau have decided to go forward with the treatment, we’ll thoroughly clean your mouth out and apply a local anesthetic to the surgical site. The anesthetic will numb the area around the affected tooth so you won’t feel any pain while Dr. Loiseau works. If you took a sedative at home, we’ll make sure it’s working properly, or we’ll apply your chosen sedation method in the office and ensure it’s working as intended before we proceed.


To access the damaged parts of your tooth, Dr. Loiseau will drill small holes into the tooth’s material using special tools. Then, he’ll remove any damaged material from the tooth to make room for the filling. Next, Dr. Loiseau will install your filling by applying the resin in layers, using the blue light to harden each layer as he goes. Once every layer of your filling has been applied, you’ll be able to leave our Moses Lake office with a healthier, fully restored smile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do mercury free fillings cost?
How long do mercury free fillings last?
How much do mercury free fillings cost?

The cost of your mercury free fillings will vary based on factors such as how many you need, the extent of your oral health issues, and your insurance. Our office recommends calling your insurance provider beforehand and asking them if they can cover some or all of the cost of your procedure. Dr. Loiseau will also be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of your procedure’s cost during your initial consultation.

How long do mercury free fillings last?

Mercury free fillings can last up to ten years with proper oral hygiene and regular dental exams with Dr. Loiseau at Legacy Dental. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily. While your fillings will eventually have to be replaced, the procedure for doing so is quick and relatively painless.

Restore Your Smile With Mercury Free Fillings

At Legacy Dental, Dr. Loiseau can use mercury free fillings to safely restore the look, health, and structure of your teeth. To learn more about the benefits of these beautiful, non-toxic restorations, or to schedule an appointment at our Moses Lake, WA office, call (509) 765-1748. You can also submit our online contact form by clicking the button below and a friendly team member will respond to your message shortly.  

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