Preventative Dentistry in Moses Lake, WA

Regular dental cleanings

Regular dental cleanings with x-rays and examination are essential for keeping the mouth healthy. We use our mouths more than any other part of our bodies and keeping it in good working order is our main goal. Dr. Briel Loiseau in Moses Lake will do a thorough examination at least twice a year. Our fabulous dental hygienists will make sure your mouth is sparkling clean and your gums are as healthy as can be. Make sure you don’t skip this important preventative dental procedure because many problems can be caught early and fixed quickly with minimal inconvenience.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleanings also known as scaling and root planing are necessary when the gums around the tooth are infected and plaque and tartar are under the normal depth of the space between the tooth and gums. When this happens it is called gum disease or periodontal disease. Dr. Briel Loiseau is great at diagnosing healthy tissue and tissue that needs a little extra help. In order to get the gums healthy a deep cleaning under the gums may be necessary. After a deep cleaning patients need to see the dentist more frequently to maintain good oral health.


Do you grind your teeth or have an abnormal bite? Do you have neck or jaw pain? Do you get headaches often or when you are overly stressed? Grinding your teeth can develop at any age. Many patients are unaware that they are grinding their teeth because it often happens at night.

Regular check ups to your dentist in Moses Lake are important to detect damage in the early stages. Dr. Briel Loiseau can diagnose and treat irregular wear on teeth and determine the best solution for your dental health.

Legacy Dental will make custom nightguards that can be worn while sleeping. Besides protecting teeth, a nightguard relieves some of the pressure of grinding and clenching, which can damage delicate jaw joints.


Dental sealants are superb in cavity prevention. Some of the pits and fissures are so narrow and deep that the bristles of a tooth brush cannot reach into them. These are areas that plaque and bits of food can hide and can be prone to decay. The sealant is a thin, plastic cover for the groves in your back teeth. The sealants can last for years, require no anesthetic and are totally undetectable. Studies show that children with sealants have less decay then those whose teeth are not sealed.

Sealants are not just for kids! Teenagers and adults can be at risk for decay and can benefit from sealants as well. Your cosmetic dentist in Moses Lake, Dr. Briel Loiseau can recommend if sealants can put extra power behind your prevention program.

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